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Portable HID Underwater Fishing Light - The Best Fishing Light on The Market - Guaranteed!

These lights will come equipped with your choice of battery clips, for easy connection to your 12v power source and are intended to be used as a 12v portable solution to attract fish in just about any waterway.

While no 12v light can compare with the awesome power of our HID systems, these lights finally enable those without access to AC power to attract fish with great effect.

These are not intended as a replacement for our Dock Light systems but can be run on 110v at a dock or from a boat with the optional 110v adapter.

Keep in mind that because these lights do not produce heat, they cannot be left in the water for extended periods without periodic cleaning.

While these lights certainly will function as dock lights with the optional 110v AC adapter again, they will not be self cleaning.  If you are looking for a dedicated lighting to be left in the water long term, please consider our line of best selling Underwater Dock Lights as we want to make sure you end up with the system that best suits your needs.

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Our LED Fishing Lights come equipped with 12v Alligator Clip style power connectors, and both floating and sinking weights included.

To maximize flexibility and the countless ways you can utilize these lights, additional accessories such as alternate 12v connections, 110v AC adapters, mounting brackets, weights are are all available for purchase by scrolling down to see the options below.  Right now shipping is free on everything, so grab what you need!

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Note: Our LED Fishing Lights Now Come Complete with  Alligator Battery Clips
as well as both floating and sinking weights at no extra cost.

110v AC Adapter For LED Fishing Lights 12v Cigarette Plug Adapter For LED Fishing Lights Suction Cup Mounting System for 12v LED Fishing Lights

Due to continuing improvements or changes by component manufacturers, products may vary slightly (color, minor cosmetic differences, stickers etc...) from photos found on the site, but functionality remains unchanged.  See product descriptions for full details.

LED Fishing Lights by The Brightest, Toughest LED Fishing Lights on the Market!

These lights also work amazingly well for spotting lobsters or flounder on the bottom in shallow water.  Our customers report great success using these lights to easily spot their prey  You can use the optional accessories below to mount the light to your boat to illuminate the bottom in stunning detail! Check out the video below and try one on your next trip and we guarantee that you’ll be a believer too!

Works Great for Hunting Lobster and Flounder !

Amazingly Bright LED Fishing Lights
Manufactured With The Worlds Brightest LEDs!

While our HID Fishing Lights are still the brightest and most effective fish attracting lights on the market, we know that not everyone has access to AC power on their boat, secret spot, or fishing pier.   We needed a 12v system worthy of being called an Underwater Fish Light.

With our reputation on the line, we knew that we couldn’t just put out the same old 12v lights offered elsewhere, so our engineers went above and beyond to build the Ultimate 12v LED Fishing Light Systems  Available with a wide assortment of accessories, these super powerful LED Fishing lights are available with options to fit almost every need and application.

Professional Series LED Fishing Lights
The Brightest LED Fishing Lights Available Anywhere!

You won’t find a better or brighter 12v Fishing Light anywhere.   We invite you to place this light next to any other manufacturer’s LED model, regardless of price, and if you’re not 100% satisfied that this is the brightest, most effective LED Fishing Light you’ve ever used, return it for a full refund

Professional Series 12v LED Fishing Light

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Made In USA
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This product includes alligatory clip style power connectors and both floating and sinking weights at no extra cost.  You will be prompted to to select your options at checkout.

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The World's Brightest LED Fishing Lights - Guaranteed to Attract Fish!

Our LED Fishing Lights Offer Huge Power in a Compact Package with True 360 Coverage!

For our innovative design we use the brightest LEDs in the world as the foundation and assemble them to the same high standards as all of our professional grade lighting products.  These lights are significantly brighter and more compact than the competition.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that the length of a light determines the brightness.

Our Designs Are Brighter Than Other Lights with Over 3x The Length!
Why settle for vastly inferior alternatives when our game changing designs clearly outshine the competition and are built  tough for years of trouble free enjoyment.

At, we love putting other 12v Fishing Lights to Shame!

Product Technical Specifications
Overall Length: 23”
Cord Length: Standard 20ft (longer cord available on request)
Power Source: Connects to standard 12v Battery via included clips or optional AC adapter.
Lifespan: 30,000 hours or over 4 years of continuous use!
Available Accessories: 12v Power Source, AC Power Sources, Weights, Brackets, & More

Our Underwater Fishing Lights Are Guaranteed to Attract Fish Or Your  Money Back!
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