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Underwater Dock Lights for Waterfront Properties

Lighting up your waterway is easy with these amazing underwater dock light systems.  Available in multiple colors and configurations, these lights will instantly transform any waterway into your own backyard aquarium.   They are guaranteed to attract fish and we guarantee you'll love the way they look behind your home.   

Built right here in the USA with the highest quality components, they are built to last and come backed by our industry leading 3 year warranty and 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

Try one risk-free at your own home for 60 nights!

Single Bulb Underwater Dock Light by

Single Bulb Underwater Dock Lights

Beautiful - Energy Efficient - Affordable

The original Single Bulb System is the most affordable and energy efficient way to illuminate your waterway.

Double Bulb Underwater Dock Lights by Underwater Fish Light

Double Bulb Underwater Dock Lights

Two Lights in The Water with One Plug

This system puts two of our HID lights in the water with the convenience of a single control box and plug.

Triple Bulb Underwater Dock Lights by Underwater Fish Light

Triple Bulb Underwater Dock Lights

Three Lights in the Water with One Plug

Three underwater lights running from the same control box and plug at a great price.

Quad Bulb Underwater Dock Lights by Underwater Fish Light

Quad Bulb Underwater Dock Lights

Four Lights in the Water with One Plug

The ultimate in underwater lighting with four lights running on the same control box.

Easy to Install; Guaranteed to Impress

All of our dock light systems are easy to install and plug right into the GFI outlet on your dock. A box is mounted nearby which contains the circuitry and photocell. A wire is run from the box, and out to the water. The light is weighted to the bottom of your waterway. When the sun goes down, the photocell activates the system and the light turns on.

Within minutes, microscopic creatures called zooplankton begin to home in on the green light source, very much the way insects are drawn to outdoor lighting. Small fish soon follow, attracted by the zooplankton. Each link in the food chain is followed by the next, over minutes and hours.

The water around the light will actually become foggy with the swirling masses of copepods, small shrimp, and other microorganisms. Large baitfish schools (species dependent on location) will actually learn the location of the light and show up night after night to feed.

This behavior is mimicked by predator fish who soon learn that easy meals can be found in the shadows surrounding the glow. Within a few weeks, your dock will be a regular feeding station for the local fish populations.

All this unfolds right before your eyes, and from the comfort of your own home. Watch as predatory fish slash their way through schools of baitfish, or suck shrimp from the surface right in front of you.

Three Great Dock Light Colors To Choose From

Natural Green

The Original & Most Popular

Our original and most popular design looks great in almost any waterway and attracts fish like crazy!

Vibrant Green

50% Brighter with a Deeper Green Glow

Featuring 50% brighter lights and a more consistent deep green glow, this is the option for customers that want to outshine the neighbors.

Caribbean Blue

Beautiful Blue Lights for Clear Waters

These are specialty lights best used in clear waters like those found in the Florida Keys or other tropical locations.  Great for clear fresh waters too!

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