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Best Dock Lights to Use in 2023

So, it’s 2023 and you’re looking for the best dock lighting accessories. Well, look no further! In this post, we’ll go through the best dock lights for 2023 so you can illuminate your dock from above AND below!

5. Solar Guide Post Lights

Solar Guide Post lights are installed right on your boat lift guide posts. They automatically turn on every night and can be seen from a distance. They can also be seen from a distance, so you’ll never have to struggle finding the perfect center of your boat lift at night.

Every set of Solar Guide Post Lights is manufactured in the USA. From the patent-pending polymers used in the plastic, to the custom-designed solar panels. They’re also built to last and fit snugly into the 2-inch PVC pipe that comes with most boat lifts. These Guide Post Lights can be seen from long distances, but not be blinding while up close. To achieve this, we create a “glow” effect to ensure you can see every boat lift light. So, whether you are looking from 5 feet or 50 feet, you will still be able to know exactly where your boat lift is.

Centering your boat on the lift perfectly isn’t our only goal. Also, we want to ensure your boat lift is visible to all other boaters that happen to be on the water after sunset.

4. Dock Blocks

Light up your dock, desk, seawall or pathway with our solar powered Underwater Fish Light LED Dock Blocks. These LEDs were designed and built with the same quality and integrity that we put into our underwater light systems and feature a solid one-year warranty. These rugged, low-profile LEDs simply mount to your deck, dock, or seawall and will charge during the day for illumination all throughout the night. Whether you’re looking for subtle outdoor lighting to accentuate your dock or if you want to create an illuminated pathway, our Underwater Fish Light branded Dock Blocks are the way to go! You have the option for either 2, 6, or 12 fully submersible (IP68 waterproof rated) LED Dock Blocks in your choice of bright white, blue, soft white, or green.

3. Solar Piling Caps


DokLites are the world’s most functional dock lighting system available. Its technology has multiple patents and brings a new era in lighting for docks, decks and waterway obstructions. With a solar power design, all DokLites are maintenance free, and eliminate the need for any further electrical work on your dock. DokLites serve the conventional purposes of piling cap, whether it be to guard against birds or rain. They also use Mil-Spec micro-processor circuitry to create a comfortable, ambient light on your dock. Each has a UV and impact resistant housing. DokLites, and the LEDS within them, will last and be protected for years.

2. Portable LED Fish Light

With our reputation on the line, we knew that we couldn’t just sell the same old 12v lights offered elsewhere, so our engineers went above and beyond to build the Ultimate 12v LED Fishing Light Systems available with a wide assortment of accessories, these super powerful LED Fishing lights are available with options to fit almost every need and application. Our LED Fishing Lights offer huge power in a compact package with true 360° coverage! For our innovative design, we use the brightest LEDs in the world as the foundation and assemble them with the same high standards as all of our professional-grade lighting products. These lights are significantly brighter and more compact than the competition. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the length of a light determines the brightness. Our designs are brighter than other lights with over 3x The Length! Why settle for vastly inferior alternatives when our game-changing designs clearly outshine the competition and are built tough for years of trouble-free enjoyment.

1. Underwater Fish Light

How Fish Lights Work in Corpus Christ

These fish light systems are perfect for anyone looking for a beautiful accent to their dock.  These systems attract fish by reflecting off microorganisms in the water. These reflections attract baitfish, which in turn attract predator fish like snook, tarpon, redfish, bass, and many more! We have two different series of systems available. Our Classic Natural Green 175 Watt Series and our Extra Bright 250 Watt Series. All of our dock systems also come with our three-year manufacturer warranty that covers any defects for three full years! We also have a 60-night money-back guarantee, so if your loved one would like to return or exchange their gift, they are able to do so for 60 days!

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