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How Fish Lights Attract Fish in Corpus Christi

Many people living in, or visiting, Corpus Christi, TX have probably seen a fair amount of green fish lights in the water. Most assume, with reason, that the color green is what attracts fish to the light. Surprisingly, that’s not exactly true!

Most fish lights, when lit out of the water, actually illuminate white. After they are placed in the water, the light turns green. That’s because these bulbs are reflecting off particles in the water. This reflection gives the lights their green color.

This particle reflection attracts small baitfish to the light. In turn, these baitfish attract larger predator fish in the area. Because our fish lights automatically come on every night, the larger predator fish get used to the feeding cycle and will show up each night.

Fish Aren’t Picky With Colors 

Because most fish lights are green, doesn’t mean they have to be. Here is Underwater Fish Light, we offer a Caribbean Blue system that illuminates an icy-blue color. Even though it is not green, the light still attracts the same amount of predator fish each night!

Baitfish and the predator fish that follow do not care what color the light under the water is. They simply care about the illumination of the particles in the water. These particles are home to tiny microorganisms that are a great food source for baitfish. So, as long as there is reflection, there will be fish!

No matter where you are located in Corpus Christi these lights will attract fish! Each different location has the potential to bring in different species of marine life!

Our Underwater Fish Lights create what we like to call a “Backyard Aquarium”. Our systems simply enhance the natural food source in the waterway, we can guarantee you’ll see fish! All of our fish light systems have photocells that automatically turn the system on every night at dusk and off every morning at dawn. The continued nightly use will create a feeding cycle for the fish, to keep the fish coming back every night!

We guarantee that you will see fish or your money back! As an American family-owned business, we stand by our product. Therefore, every customer gets a 60-night money-back guarantee along with a three-year manufacturer warranty with their system purchase! Above all, we strive for excellent customer service. So, if you ever have more questions, certainly feel free to give us a call at 855-347-4544

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