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New Season, New Fish! Here Are Some Fish You Might See This Fall At Your Fish Light.

As the seasons change, so do the fish!

As the seasons change, the temperature changes with it. This makes the water cooler, and brings a few fun new species to your fish light! We are located in Southwest Florida and have experienced many seasonal changes over the years. In this article, we’ll be discussing the different species of fish you’ll start to see at your light if you’re using your fish light in saltwater in southern areas of the United States. We don’t have too much experience with seasonal changes in fish for our friends in northern states, or internationally, but we’re learning more as our business grows, so we hope to give you some tips soon!

Changes in Fish Behavior

As summer turns into fall, you’ll notice some changes in the fish appearing at your dock every night. You’ll see that the snook, redfish, and tarpon are moving a little slower than they normally do. Fish are poikilotherms, which means they adjust their metabolism to adapt to the temperature of the water. They conserve energy by moving and eating less. So, don’t worry about your friendly snook or tarpon if you see them moving slower than normal. It’s totally natural.

New Fish In The Neighborhood!

Changes in water temperature also bring new friends to your fish light neighborhood, so be ready to welcome them! While you normally see snook, tarpon, and redfish at your light, you’re likely to see speckled trout, pompano, or sheepshead (pictured above) appear with the cooler temperatures! Sheepshead and speckled trout are known to come further in-shore during the cooler months. Because of this migration pattern, they might become the new regulars at your fish light!

Lightweight in-shore rods, shrimp lures, and twitch bait lures should be all the tools you need to catch these new fish species.

What To Prep For Fall Fish Species?

We’ve got everything you need to get ready for all your new fall fish friends! Stick up with the right gear, and be ready when the new guys come to your fish light!

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