In late September 2022, the Southwest Florida area was hit hard by Hurricane Ian. As a company based out of Port Charlotte, we experienced the storm and its aftermath firsthand. We have no doubt that our community of Southwest Florida will rebuild and come back stronger. We sincerely hope you and your families are safe and are on the road back to some type of normal.

After a hurricane, there’s a good chance your Underwater Fish Light system will need to be repaired. We already talked to some of our customers saying their dock (and fish light) were completely gone. In that instance, you’ll definitely need a replacement system. But in the fortunate event that your dock and fish light system are still there, there are a few tests you can do to check the current condition of your Underwater Fish Light dock system. So, let’s run through some possible issues you could experience, and what to do to fix your light:

My Fish Light Is Really Dim

Thanks to Hurricane Ian, we had a lot of rain water, a huge storm surge, and a ton of runoff through the flooded streets, rivers, and canals. Heavy rainfall causes runoff from surrounding land into waterways, increasing the amount of sediment in the water. Also, during heavy rainfall and storm conditions, the water can move with a higher velocity than normal, stirring up the natural sediment at the bottom, and causing the water to get murkier.

Increased sediment in the water can cause the water to become murky, and blocks more of the light in the water, causing your fish light to look dim. The important thing to note is there is nothing WRONG with your fish light. The murky water is just keeping it from shining as bright as it normally does. One thing to remember about our fish lights is the bulb itself will never dim. On the very rare occasion of a defective bulb, the light is designed to turn off to indicate an issue. So, if you notice your light has gone dim, be sure to check the water clarity in your waterway. The water will clear up in time.

My Fish Light Isn’t Turning On

If your Underwater Fish Light isn’t turning on after a hurricane or big storm, there could be a few things wrong with it. Let’s go through some possibilities:

Broken Bulb

If the bulb on your Underwater Fish Light is broken, it will obviously not be able to turn on. To check if your bulb is broken, first unplug the unit from the outlet. Once the unit is unplugged, carefully pull the Light Assembly wire out of the water so you can take a look at the bulb. Be careful while pulling in the bulb and take your time. You don’t want to break the bulb while you’re pulling it in to check on it.

If the bulb on your Underwater Fish Light is broken, you can easily order a Light Assembly to repair your fish light. MAKE SURE YOU ORDER THE CORRECT LIGHT ASSEMBLY FOR YOUR SYSTEM. We have 2 types of light assemblies: 175W and 250W light assemblies. You need to make sure you are purchasing the correct wattage for your Underwater Fish Light. If you’re unsure of the wattage of your fish light, simply give us a call at 855-347-4544, and we’d be happy to look up your past purchase and help you out.

GFCI Plug Keeps Tripping Off

This issue can indicate a few different issues. You’re bulb could be broken, the wire leading to your plug could be damaged, or there could be internal damage to your fish light system. Do not continue resetting the GFCI. Unplug your system, and call our technical support team.

To narrow down what the issue is, please give us a call at 855-347-4544 and speak with your Technical Support team. They can walk you through a few tests to narrow down what’s going wrong with your system. Once the system issue is diagnosed we can give you the best option for repairs.

My Fish Light Control Box Was Fully Submerged Underwater

Hurricane Ian brought in huge storm surges in Southwest Florida. So, there’s a chance the control box on your fish light was completely submerged. If you think the control box was fully submerged underwater, unplug the system immediately, and call our tech support team at 855-347-4544. There is a chance your system can be salvaged and fixed, but our technicians will need to speak with you to determine if that’s possible, or if you’ll need to full replace your system with a brand new system.

Be Safe!

Remember to be safe when testing your system. Whether you’re running tests with our technical support team, or on your own, make sure you’re being safe. Unplug the system before looking inside the control box, or removing any wires from the water. 

Nead Help?

We’d be happy to help you get your Underwater Fish Light back up and running. You can call us, or fill out the form below!