Everything You Need To Know About Fish Lights

What Are Underwater Fish Lights?

If you thoroughly enjoy going night fishing, you need a fish light. Underwater Fish Lights, also known as fish lights, are a tool that every fisherman should have. Yes, they light up the water and help you see, but, these lights help you catch more game fish. Whether you have a dock or a boat, Underwater Fish Light has what you need. We have both portable and stationary options. Visit our website to learn more about our fish lights and other products!


How Do Fish Lights Work?

Our fish lights reflect off of small particles in the water that in return attract many baitfish. By nature, after the baitfish are attracted to the light, larger, predator fish come to feed on those baitfish. This is why Underwater Fish Light likes to call these lights a backyard aquarium. By enhancing the food source in the water, these lights truly bring your backyard to life. The amazing part about dock mounted fish lights is that they turn on every night at the same time, creating a feeding cycle for the fish. Because of this continuous cycle they always come back and give you a chance to make the catch of a lifetime. The concept is simple but it never fails!



The Types Of Fish You Will See At A Fish Light

The different types of fish that you will see surrounding your fish light depend on your location. If you are fishing in saltwater, you’ll mainly see fish like snook, tarpon, and redfish. In Florida’s freshwater, you’ll see largemouth bass and gar. You’ll see Striper, smallmouth bass, and other types of fish in Northern freshwater areas. You may not know this but several fish slow down in the winter. With the water being cooler, they conserve energy by moving and eating less. This is why you might find less activity at your fish light when the temperature drops. But, there are some species that do strive when the temperature drops. 


How Long Do Fish Lights Last

Our Underwater Fish Lights come with a warranty of 3 years but they last much longer than that. Many of our happy customers have had their fish lights in the water for over 10 years. If you’d like to learn more about our company, visit our website today. On our website you can also shop our products, dock accessories, and fish light accessories!