Millions of people all around the world enjoy fishing. Obviously, the majority of fishing is done during the day, and most people have their day fishing techniques dialed into a science. Night fishing is an entirely different game. Aside form the obviously obstacle of not being able to see, there are other factors to consider before you go night fishing. While night fishing may seem like a weird time to us humans, there are actually many species of fish that feed and are more active between dusk and dawn.

Gear Needed For Night Fishing

Head Lamp

Head lamps are a practical and useful way for you to have a good time night fishing. These give you the ability to have both hands free to focus on fishing. These lamps strap onto your head and let you perform easily while you are baiting hooks,  catching fish, and picking the perfect lure!


No one likes losing fish. The perfect essential for you to not lose fish, is to always keep a net handy on your boat or dock. It is much easier have a net with you and potentially catch a lot more fish than losing ones when you get excited that you got a good catch!

Tackle Box

If you’re fishing off a pier, boat, dock, wherever you might be, it’s smart to always bring a tackle box with you. Being prepared is always the best option you have and if you see a certain bait fish gathering around your fish light, you’re going to want to choose a lure that’s the same to trick those game fish. In your tackle box you should keep extra fishing line, multiple hooks, and tools such as pliers and knives!

Night Fishing Safety

When fishing at night, you need to be aware of your surroundings and be sure you’re being as safe as you can be. Night fishing can be fun and fruitful, but it can also be dangerous if you don’t keep safety at the top of your priority list. First things first; bring a friend, or tell someone before you go out. There are many instances where people get hurt, lost, or otherwise unable to make it back during their fishing trip. If you go with a friend, or at least tell someone before you go out, you’ll have someone looking out for you.

The next important safety tip for night fishing is to bring plenty of water and some snacks for your trip. You don’t want to get caught dehydrated while you’re out on the water. Also, make sure you bring a first aid kit with you. There are a lot of things (hooks, pliers, knives, etc.) that can hurt you, so you’ll want to make sure you have some first aid supplies handy.

Use Lights When Night Fishing

Without fish lights, night fishing can successful, but you’ll have your rod bent a lot more if you take a fish light with you! Portable fish lights like this 12V Fish Light are great tools to take with you night fishing. They not only help you see the activity happening under the surface, but also attract fish to the light. Being able to see the fish allows you to sight cast the fish, which will give you a higher probability of landing a big catch.

Underwater fish lights are elevate your night fishing game. They make you a more precise and dangerous fisherman. Fish lights attract fish by reflecting off the particles int he water. These particles in turn attract smaller bait fish, which bring in the predator fish. If you take a portable fishing light with you, you’ll want to turn it on and throw it in to the water right away. If you put it in one of your honey spots, it’ll only take minutes for you to start seeing some fish activity. If you happen to throw your fish light in a spot that has a little less traffic, it might take some more time to for the fish to show up. Because of this, we suggest you toss your fish light in the water, then get the rest of your gear ready. This will give the fish light time to do its thing and attract those fish.

All in all, night fishing can show you just as much, if not more, action than daytime fishing. If you do it right, you’ll be out there every night reeling them in! With the right gear, safety precautions, and fish lights, your lines will be tight every night!