How To Successfully Go Boat Fishing With An Underwater Fish Light

Boat Fishing With Portable Fish Lights

Boat fishing with portable fish lights are fun, but can be trickier than fishing with dock lights. Why? We’ll get into that in a second. Underwater Fish Light has portable lights that you can use fishing from a boat, pier, or anywhere else you’d like. Where you go, they go! Check out the portable systems we have to offer on our website. There are several tips you can try and use when night fishing from a boat with a fish light. Let’s go over some of them.

-Consistency is key

Consistency is key. Especially when you’re using a portable light. With dock lights, fish get into routine of showing up knowing that the light is always there every day at the same time. For portable fish lights, it’s different. If you go to the same place regularly with your boat and drop your fish light in, you’ll have a better chance of seeing tons of fish.

-Be patient

If you love fishing, you’ll know that in most cases you need to be patient. Once you drop your portable light into the water you need to wait. Waiting is important because you have to trust the process that happens under water. Zooplankton will be attracted to the light, which the baitfish will come and feed on, then those game fish you’re waiting on will come and eat on the baitfish.

-Don’t cast into the light

While game fish watch the baitfish feed on zooplankton, they are lurking in the shadows of the light. If you cast your lure into the shadow rather than in the middle of the light, the quicker the game fish will grab onto your line.


12v LED Fish Lights

Our 12v LED fish light system is perfect for anyone on the go. Whether you want to fish from a fishing pier, dock, or boat, this light will be right there with you the entire way! This System is equipped with 400 LEDs in a sealed 23 inch cylindrical tube, giving you a 360 view of all the fish. It also comes with two weights, and a set of alligator clips to easily hook up to whichever battery you choose! This light brings the magic of the Underwater Fish Light Dock Systems anywhere you can find water!

Portable HID Fish Lights

Our Portable HID Systems will give you the best of both worlds! These lights have the HID power of our dock light systems, but are fitted with a portable construction that allows you to take the good times anywhere you want to go! Whether you’re offshore night fishing, or just in your backyard, these systems are sure to deliver. This system still require a 110v power source, so an inverter would be required to power it. You can review the type of inverter required here. We have two different series of these systems available. Our Classic Natural Green 175 Watt Series and our Extra Bright 250 Watt Series. For more information on our different color series, click here.

Underwater Fish Light Has What You Need

Underwater Fish Light is the right company for you. All of our portable systems also come with our three-year manufacturer warranty that covers any defects for three full years. Another benefit of choosing Underwater Fish Light as the company you buy a portable light from is that we manufacture all of our products in the USA. To learn more about us and everything we have to offer, visit our website!